Saturday, April 10, 2010

CKC Convention

Hello Blog World!!

I went to my first CKC Convention in Collinsville, IL this weekend!! It was so much fun, and all I did was go to the vendor fair.  I decided to take it easy since it was my first time going.  There were so many people, and so much stuff to look at!! Here are a few make-and-take projects I did.

The first one is a gift card holder.  This was so much fun to make, and super easy too!  This was done at the Lickety Split Scrapbooking booth. The instructor there also said that someone made them into ornaments and hung them on the tree.  Then when it was time to open gifts, all of the children found their ornament.  I have no idea about the supplies used, except that the case looks like a mini jewel case.  They said that the cases are for sale on the website, but I can't find them.  Anyway, enjoy the project.

For our next make and take, we did a glitter project.  I'm sorry, I don't remember the vendor...but they were locals.  They had pre-printed computer layouts with embellishments that you covered in glitter.  The "I," the parenthesis were double sided sticky cuts.  One side stuck to the paper, the other side you put glitter on.  Then, I took a glue pen and traced some of the other words I wanted to sparkle and put glitter on those.  Super fun, and super messy (but did I mention super fun) 

Not only is Collinsville, IL home to the CKC convention...but they also have the world's largest catsup bottle.  It was actually a little anti climatic because there's no where to stop to take pictures.  Here are the picture we did get though!  

Happy Scrappin'! 


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