Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tutorial Thursday #1 - Wine Glass Charms

Hello Everyone!

I have a project for you!! Since I missed "watch this Wednesday," I decided to do a Tutorial Thursday to make up for it.  Maybe one day I will be on schedule again.

I wanted to share more of the fun things I made for my aunt's party- WINE CHARMS!!  We wanted to make wine charms that had traditional New Orleans icons.  I used four background colors (pink, purple, green, and gold) and transposed the leopard print (part of the party theme) and the icons.  These were so much fun to make, and they turned out super cute.  It did take a little bit to get used to; it was the first time I used shrinky dink paper.  Everyone loved them.  Below the pictures are step by step instructions on how to make them.  Sorry the pictures are so poor...they were taken with a camera phone.

  1. Make an image on the computer.  I used word to create the image pictured.  These were 2 inch circles and they shrunk to dime size.
  2. Use ink jet shrinky dink paper (make sure it's ink jet and the sticky side is the on the printable side) and print your images.  
  3. Cut out your images
  4. Punch a hole in the image. 
  5. Place your cut out images on a cookie sheet lined with a paper bag
  6. Place in 300 degree oven for 10 minutes.  It may take shorter.  Watch them in the oven...they make some funny shapes as they shrink. 
  7. As you take them out of the oven, press them down so they will be flat.  If you need to, heat them up a little again so they are easier to mold. 
  8. When they are cool, place the silver connector ring (found in jewelry sections) in the whole. 
  9. Place beads of your choice on the wine charm (I would use earrings...these charms were difficult to connect) then the charm, then more beads
  10. Close the wine charm
I hope ya'll enjoyed the wine charms.  Shrinky dink paper is pretty awesome, and I am definately going to try to incorporate it more in my projects.  It work well in the cricut as well (so I hear).  You can also purchase paper to stamp and color.  

Don't forget to check out the new Hello Thursday cartridges from Cricut.  They are super cute!! You're not going to want to miss this one!!  


  1. These turned out fantastic!! What a great idea!

  2. I love wine glass charms - thanks for sharing this easy technique! I need to put it on my list of things to try.