Saturday, November 14, 2015

Watercolor Winter

For today's project, I pulled out last year's Christmas card kit from Stampin' Up, Watercolor Winter.  These kit made four cards, five of each card.  It's a pretty good value!  You used ink refills and mixed it with water to make the watercolor portions.  It was a really cool technique that I had never done before, and I'm not very good at.  However, it was fun to try.

Here's the first card.  The trees are watercolored.  This one is my favorite.  The pops of glitter, the blues and the reds.  I really like the blue mixed in with the traditional red and green colors of Christmas.  The trees are a little dark, and the "holidays" is a little off center, but that is what makes it homemade card.  It's part of its charm.

The second card is the sleigh card.  The red sleigh is watercolored in cherry cobbler.  This card seems a little more plain that I would like, but I think it came out cute.  It's something different than I usually would do.  I like the blues in the Christmas cards.

This is the third card.  It is MUCH more plain than I usually do, but it came out okay.  The "Joyeux" is watercolored in Old Olive.  They had several different letter, and some of the cards I did used "Merry."

I didn't attempt the fourth card because I wasn't impressed with the layout.  now I have more cards to send out, and get to learn a new technique.  These kits are really neat.  They are intricate to put together, so it keeps your interest and saves a bunch of extra time.

While this wasn't my favorite kit, it certainly brought a little extra to the Christmas season.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Happy crafting!

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