Sunday, December 1, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 1: Shoe Wreath

Hello Everyone!!

I have decided to do a 25 days of Christmas leading up to my easy store opening in January.  Some of these will be wreaths, and some will be regular crafty projects.  However, we are going to start with a wreath.  

This wreath is a fun, everyday wreath.  I made it with a friend in mind, so the peacock feathers and shoe detail are meaningful.  It includes two types of deco mesh (1 printed, 1 solid), deco tubing, ribbon, and various pics.  

I love the fullness of the wreath as well of the colors.  This was another one of the first wreaths I did, and I have learned a lot since then about placement as well as how to secure the pics to the wreath.  hot glue has become my friend.  

I have enjoyed learning and practicing how to make these wreaths.  I think I am growing with every wreath I make.  While I have been pretty "creative" in the past, for this I have to rely on my sense of color and pattern coordination, which is something I have had difficulty with.  However, I have been getting lots of compliments and requests.  

I look forward to seeing where this journey leads!!  Please visit my store, which will officially open in January and my Facebook page!  

Thanks for all of the support!

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