Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 3: Fleur de Lis Wreath

Hello Everyone!! Welcome to Day 3 of the 25 days of Christmas!!

I have a confession: I am a fleur de lis freak and so is my family.  My family is from (and continues to live) in the New Orleans area.  I remember going down there the Christmas after Katrina hit.  The town was grey and the waterlines were over my head (and my dad's head).  We spent that Christmas in a hotel room.  Because most of my family was displaced, we had a big family Christmas at the deli where my grandmother works.  That way, everyone could be there for Christmas.  About half of my family was affected by hurricane Katrina and had to rebuild their homes.  We are blessed that everyone made it out of New Orleans safe and is now able to be back in their homes. 

After this tragedy, the fleur de lis not meant more to people than ever (as it is the symbol of New Orleans).  It meant faith, love, trust, and (probably most of all) hope.  Now, most of my family decorates with it and uses it as a reminder of what happened. 

My mom came to visit as I was starting creating my wreaths.  As we were in Hobby Lobby looking for supplies, she found a picture in a book called Deco Mesh Wreaths of a fleur de lis wreath.  My mom said, "I want that one," and here is what we came up with....

There were some gold balls and feathers we added later; however, I was very excited with the way the wreath turned out.  After making this wreath, I learned a lot about the possibilities of wreaths that I was scared of trying previously.  

Also, my mom was pretty excited about it!!  Thank you for looking at my wreaths!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!

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