Wednesday, December 4, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 4: Dog Treat Containers

Hello Again!!

Today I thought I would share a different project I made.  Believe it or not, the other day I pulled out my Cricut and my vinyl to do a project.  First, a story...

My better half and I have been together for seven years.  For the last five, we have been wanting a puppy.  However, we were unable to get one because my better half had a job at a University where we lived in the residence hall.  Sadly, the residence halls do not allow us to have pets.  This year when we moved into our new home, we bought a dog!!  Her name is Sadie, and she is the cutest puppy you have ever seen!!

Of course, with a puppy comes puppy treats!  we purchased plain, plastic, airtight containers from Wal-Mart, and I thought they needed more pizazz.  So, we purchased other containers.  The other containers we purchased started to break, so I thought it was time to dress up the ones we bought.

I used my word collage cartridge that I have wanted to use for a while.  I had some difficulty with the vinyl as it was REALLY sticky and would not cling to the transfer tape.  That's why some letters are a little crooked.  There are also A LOT of letters, and that was kind of a pain.

I think they turned out fairly cute, and they work really well for doggie treats.  They were fairly easy to make as well (aside from the stickiness).  The moral of the story is, don't forget your pet on Christmas too!!  See you tomorrow!!

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