Tuesday, December 10, 2013

25 Days of Christmas Day 10: Imaginisce I-Bond Hot Glue Gun

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to day 10!  I cannot believe there are only 15 days left until Christmas.  I still have several presents to wrap.  Luckily they are all purchased!!  Now I just have to figure out how to get them all in my car with me, my better half, and my puppy.  It's going to be crazy!!

Today, I thought I would do a product review.  You know, change it up a little bit.  I have recently discovered the amazingness of a hot glue gun.  I use hot glue a lot on my wreaths, and it works much better than the floral wire I was trying to use.

I had one that I purchased a while back.  I loved it (it is zebra); however, the cord kept getting tangled, it would never stand up properly, and it was a pain to feed the hot glue sticks.  Then, I discovered this:

It is a wireless hot glue gun.  An Imaginisce I-Bond.  Not just any wireless hot glue gun, a PINK one!!  It is awesome!!  This has all of the awesome features of a wireless hot glue gun, namely that you don't have to deal with a cord and can move all around your project without having to get tangled or be next to an outlet.

For starters, it has an LED light on the tip so you can see exactly what you are gluing.  It lights up automatically when the glue gun is on.  Therefore, you can also know when you glue gun is on from a distance. 

Also, the glue feed is fantastic.  There are a few moments when you have to push the second stick in the feed; however, it mostly just feeds itself and you don't need to worry about pushing in a new glue stick while trying to glue something.  

The kick stand also works fantastically.  It stands up where ever you need it to with no questions or problems or fancy tricks.  

I highly recommend this to anyone who uses a glue gun often or just needs freedom of no cord.  Leave me a comment with your favorite product!!  

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